Planning & Development Coordination

william menes WILLIAM P. MENES
Mun. Gov't Dept. Head I
sherwin tena SHERWIN J. TENA
Engineering Assistant

  • Functional Statement

    1. Provide staff assistance to the Mayor and Sangguniang Bayan in the planning and implementation of the government programs by availing of statistical data, trends and issues and feasibility studies.

    2. Conduct analytical studies and development programs, its objectives and problems that impede its implementation.

    3. Initiate, assist and coordinate with line agencies on their prospective sectoral plans.

    4. Prepare update and/or receive annual development plan of the municipality.
  • Objectives

    1. To improve staff assisting on socio-economic development programs/projects.

    2. To improve the continuing efforts of the staff in planning, implementation, evaluation, research on various development programs.

    3. To enhance the pace of implementation in the delivery of social support services and other development plans.


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Municipal Building, Sto Domingo Milaor Camarines Sur, 4413 Philippines

Tel. No. (054) 4739302

The good housekeeping seal is given to LGUs that excelled in the areas of planning, budgeting, revenue, mobilization, financial management, budget execution, procurement and resource mobilization. It also recognizes local governments that accord primacy to the principles of transparency and accountability. Recipients of the award also received one million pesos each from the DILG's Performance Challenge Fund (PCF).