Municipal Health Officer

ma. linda llaguno

Mun. Gov't Dept. Head I
Municipal Health Officer

ma. glenda lucena MA. GLENDA T. LUCEÑA
Nurse III
antonia alimasa ANTONIA C. ALIMASA
Medical Technologist II
sonia menes SONIA C. MENES
Midwife IV
rica asis RICA C. ASIS
Dentist I
mary shienna pecenio MARY SHIENNA B. PECENIO
Nurse I
leamie brito LEA MAE B. BRITO
Nurse I
jhoanna marie guerrero JHOANNA MARIE T. GUERRERO
Nurse I
francia valenciano FRANCIA E. VALENCIANO
Midwife I
lorela cuatro LORELA B. CUATRO
Midwife I
femarie sergio FE MARIE G. SERGIO
Midwife I
fe jacar FE I. JACAR
Sanitation Inspector II
rosario valeros ROSARIO A. VALEROS
Sanitation Inspector I
william miranda WILLIAM O. MIRANDA
Adm. Aide IV
(Driver II)

  • Functional Statement

    1. Provide quality care to improve the quality of life through promotion, preservation or restoration of the delivery of the health services and facilities especially the poor.
  • Objectives

    1. To achieve improvement in health.

    2. To improve the general health states of the population.

    3. To reduce morbidity, morality, disability and complication from general disease.

    4. To eliminate and eradicate public health problems.

    5. To promote healthy lifestyle.

    6. To promote the health nutrition of families and special populations.

    7. To promote environmental health and sustainable development.

    8. To formulate strategies to achieve health goal.


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Municipal Building, Sto Domingo Milaor Camarines Sur, 4413 Philippines

Tel. No. (054) 4739302

The good housekeeping seal is given to LGUs that excelled in the areas of planning, budgeting, revenue, mobilization, financial management, budget execution, procurement and resource mobilization. It also recognizes local governments that accord primacy to the principles of transparency and accountability. Recipients of the award also received one million pesos each from the DILG's Performance Challenge Fund (PCF).